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CPIM Misleading Minority Section: Tripura BJP

“The Left is trying to spread communal tension centering the by-elections” Tripura BJP made this allegation in a press conference on Tuesday.

Nabendu Bhattacharya, spokesperson of the party said that the people of the minority section are being misunderstood. They are being misled.

The BJP has also sought the intervention of the Election Commission.

According to the BJP, the Left top leadership gave the same communal speech before the 2018 and 2023 elections. This time also they have entered the field to mislead people in the same manner.

On this day, BJP State Secretary Jasimuddin highlighted the activities of the BJP coalition government in the past five and a half years for the welfare of the people of the minority section.

He said that the current state government has taken massive steps for the development of the minority people. Which previous governments never did. Haj Bhavan has been constructed by the BJP government. Most people went on Hajj during this government. Earlier, less than one percent of minorities were government employees. It has increased to 7 percent during the current government.

He said that in terms of work, the BJP candidates will get a big victory in both the assembly constituencies in the upcoming by-elections.

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