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CPIM MLAs Led By Manik Sarkar Visits Karbook

CPIM gears up for the upcoming 2023 assembly election. The party now giving importance to communicate with the grassroot level people.

The top leaders of the Tripura CPIM also starts communications with the grassroot level statewide.

An MLA delegation led by opposition leader Manik Sarkar visited Karbook on Friday. Bhanulal saha, Sahid Chowdhury and Ratan Bhowmik also were present in the parliamentary council team.

The team led by Manik Sarkar visited different areas of karbook and talked with the common people.

First of all the team visited Karbook where people under 22 RD Blocks of Karbook and 8 blocks of Shilachari came to talk with the team.

After that the team visited Dalakbari of Amarpur where people of 15 RD blocks of Amarpur came to talk about necessities and problems. Water, irrigation, electricity, rood connectivity, job, lack of earning were among of the complaints.

Later the team visited Hirapur under Udaipur where they talked with the people of two Panchayats.

Reacting with the press Leader of the Opposition Manik Sarkar said that:

“This government is busy only in propaganda and long talks. They did nothing in the last 50 months. These are their daily life problems”.

Sarkar also advised to the sufferers to place mass deputation before DM, BDO, Village Committee and Panchayat Offices.

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