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CPIM Tripura Secretary Challenges BJP For Alleged ‘300 Attack’

CPIM Tripura state secretary Jitenda Choudhury fired a cannon against BJP state president Rajib Bhattacharya. On Saturday, he grilled Bhattacharya on the issue of political terror.

CPIM State Secretary alleged that the BJP Tripura state president Rajib Bhattacharya lied in a press conference, which is unfortunate. But the people of the state are watching everything. Not only that, people are smiling.

Jitendra Choudhury told the reporters at Mellarmath Party Office on Saturday that “BJP State President claimed in a press conference on Friday that there were three hundred attacks on the ruling party after the announcement of the election results. But the surprising thing is, why is he lying like this as the provincial president? Because the people of the state know that since March 3, 2018, the terror of the ruling party has continued throughout the state. Attacked opposition leaders, workers, supporters, MLAs, even the former chief minister and opposition leader of the state have been attacked by them. Even the party’s former state secretary late Gautam Das was attacked”

“Recently, even the delegates of MPs in the state has been attacked by the ruling BJP. It has been brought up to the governor. But that informations were skipped in the press conference. Jiten Chowdhury said, I Challenge to the state president of BJP let me tell if there is honesty in you where the three hundred attacks took place should be revealed to the people of the state. If leftists are involved in this incident, let them be punished. Even recently, 2,100 incidents of terror after March 2 were presented with evidence by the CPIM delegation to the Chief Minister of the state. These 2100 incidents of terror committed by the ruling party should also be investigated. Chowdhury said that 61 percent of the people of the state votes to oust the BJP” he said.

“They came to power as TIPRA Motha leadrs betray the common tribal people of the state. This fact is understood by the people of the state including the tribal people. So the BJP leadership is disappointed. This is why they are delusional to cover up their failures, which is ridiculous” Said Choudhury.

Jitendra Choudhury said, if you want to do politics, you have to study a little. And talk about data. That is why he advised the state leadership of BJP to be educated in political education. If not, the wrong message will be sent to future generations of the state.

“So you have to leave the path of falsehood” added CPIM Tripura State Secretary.

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