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Crack In ‘Heaven On Earth’ Jampui. Needs Attention Of Govt

Tripura’s ‘ Heaven On Earth’ Jampui Hill, famous for its delicious oranges, has cracked! Residents of a mountain village named Tlaxi are fleeing from their homes in fear.

Several houses are split in two in the middle. Not only that, but the whole mountain is slowly settling down, the locals said. 

The Additional District Commissioner of North District Biplab Kumar Das himself visited the site along with the administration officials. Talked to residents about government assistance. 

But, the administration is not sure why this is happening at Jampui Hill on the Mizoram border. 

Orange cultivation in Jampui has reduced a lot now. Betel nut cultivation has increased. The residents of Tlaxi village said, The central government agency NHICDL has indiscriminately cut down trees while constructing an alternative national highway from Kanchanpur-Jampui to Mizoram. The mountain is cut. 

As a result, this disaster has occurred. Residents complained that proper soil testing was not done before cutting the soft hills here. 

They fear that the Kanchanpur-Jampui road may be wiped out by a huge mountain collapse at any time. 

Betlingchhip Tripura’s highest mountain-top, is situated in Jampui Hills, a paradise of natural beauty, in the Kanchanpur sub-division of North Tripura district, 220 km east of Agartala. 

Jampui’s 10 hill villages are dominated by Mizos. They are Christians by religion. From the weather to the lifestyle of the people, everything here is different from the rest of Tripura. 

Meanwhile, officials of the Geological Survey of India visited the site from Agartala but could not give any advice to solve this danger. 

Additional District Commissioner said, About 200 meters of fissure has been created in Tlaxi village. 8-9 families have been given emergency assistance. More help willbe given. 

However, the affected residents have to plead that the crack is due to the construction of the National Highway. 

On the other hand, the local residents say, why the mountain is cracking, how can they say it! Let the government conduct a high-level investigation with experts. Mountain fissures are increasing. Their lives are in danger. 

Residents criticized the indifferent attitude of the government. They also demands government’s attention to save this heaven on earth.

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