Crime Against Women Increased 81% In Last Decade 

The incident of gang rape of a girl in Ujjain again put the country to shame. Even though her life was saved due to the efforts of doctors, the unprecedented increase in cases of such incidents with girls and women is exposing the horrific dark truth of our society. 

The girl, who had to walk several kilometers in a critical condition and in an unusual condition, did not get any help; the police did not even get a clue of the incident for several hours. 

Even such horrific incidents and circumstances do not shake our social consciousness. No one took notice of how the tempo driver was taking a single girl here and there. Although, On the basis of CCTV cameras, the police reached the criminals and detained the accused tempo driver. 

But the question is what was the effect of those measures which were implemented after the Nirbhaya incident in Delhi. 

The question is also why the public anger that arose after that incident does not resurface. 

Whereas there are continuous reports of brutality against girls and women in different parts of the country. 

These incidents put a question mark on our every development . The laxity of law and order raises the question as to why criminals are losing fear of the law. That too when provision for even death penalty has made in heinous cases of rape. 

The POCSO act has been amended after the involvement of older juveniles in such crimes. So that older teenagers involved in heinous crimes can be given punishment like adults. It should be a matter of discussion for social scientists that why such hateful thinking towards women is growing in the society. 

The process of making helpless and distressed women victims of sexual violence continues in different parts of the country. Due to which today the country is counted among those countries of the world which are considered dangerous from the point of view of sexual violence.

Today the country is again demanding answers to the questions that arose after the brutal Nirbhaya incident in Delhi. 

In fact, the measures taken to suppress the anger arising from the Nirbhaya incident have not proved effective. 

Then every day incidents come to light which tarnish the face of the society. Which also shows the decline of moral values ​​in the society. 

Sometimes the name of Delhi, sometimes Kathua and sometimes Patna comes up but the barbarity is the same. 

Recently such a heart-wrenching incident came to light from Rajasthan also. Politicians also protest as per their convenience. 

But the figures are scary. According to the National Crime Records Bureau, Despite strict laws being made, crime against women have increased by eighty-seven percent in the last decade. 

This figure puts any civilized society to shame that a case of misconduct comes to light every twenty minutes. The question to ponder is what is the real reason for the rise in sexual violence in the country?

 Some experts say that this is the result of the flood of obscene material on the Internet, due to which sexually frustrated people make girls and weak women in the society their victims. 

Indiscriminate consumption of other drugs has also added fuel to the fire. In the last few years, criminals who have committed heinous sexual violence have admitted that they watched obscene films on mobile before committing the crime. 

Or they were under the influence of drugs while committing the crime. Anyway, In a country where women were revered, the continuous coming to light of such horrific cases should be a matter of serious concern for the society and the government. 

It is not possible to solve the problem just by making the law stricter. The society will have to be alert and react to it. 

There is also a need to make the police sensitive, accountable and alert.

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