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Critical Neuro Surgery Successfully Performed In GBP Hospital

GB Hospital succeeds in complex surgery. It is known that a 32-year-old woman had a cancerous tumor attached to the skull bone. The portion of the tumor attached to the skull bone is surgically covered with titanium mesh and a posterior scalp rotation flap.

A joint team of 10 doctors from ABV, RCC and GB Hospital managed to successfully complete this complex neuro surgery in 8 hours of effort. 

The operation was led by Dr. Siddareddy Ankireddy Pallire and neurosurgeons Dr. Devdutta Saha, Dr. Subhashish Laskar at Agartala Medical College and GB Hospital Neurosurgery Operation Theatre. Also oncology team members were Dr. Ashish Gupta, Dr. Amlan Debbarma, Dr. Bhaskar Roy, Dr. Suman Das, Dr. Rahul, Dr. Saikat Sen, Dr. Rakesh Tripura, Dr. Mrinal Debbarma. 

Anesthetist and Neuro OT Bukhrai Jamtia and other health workers. 

According to hospital sources, this complex operation was successful due to their efforts. 

The patient is now recovering after the critical operation. 

The Chief Minister announced the successful surgery. The Chief Minister expressed hope that now no one will have to run out of state for treatment of critical diseases like neuro.

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