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Cyclone Mocha In Bay Of Bengal: IMD Issues Alert

The sound of the arrival of Mocha, the first storm of this year, has started to be heard in India. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued an alert regarding this.

There is no information about the path of this cyclonic storm. Despite this, experts believe that this storm can cause havoc. 

It could be similar to the 2022 cyclonic storm ‘Asani’. Due to its arrival, winds can blow at a speed of 80 km in some places on May 10.

According to the IMD’s alert, a cyclone may develop over the Bay of South-East Bengal on May 6. 

On May 7, an area of ​​low air pressure will form here. On May 8, it is likely to move northwards towards central Bay of Bengal and turn into a cyclonic storm. 

More details about the path of the cyclonic storm and its intensity will be known on May 7.

Alert for the next five days
– On 7th and 8th May there will be light rain at most places in Andaman-Nicobar.

There is also a possibility of heavy to very heavy rain at some places.

Strong winds can blow at a speed of 40-50 km/h.
This speed of May 10 can reach 80 km / h

The Meteorological Department advised
– From May 7, fishermen, small vessels, boats and travelers have been advised to stay away from the Bay of South-East Bengal.

Those who are here should reach safe places before May 7.

It has been advised to regulate tourism, shipping and other activities by May 8-11.

Impact from India to Myanmar
According to the experts, the possible path of the cyclonic storm could be towards the coasts of West Bengal and Bangladesh. 

The effect of the storm can be felt from East India to Bangladesh and Myanmar. Due to this, rains are not likely to increase in Tamil Nadu. 

The temperature may increase in Tamil Nadu from May 10. The Odisha state government has alerted 18 coastal and adjoining districts.

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