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Cyclonic Weather: Several Flights Couldn’t Land At MBB Airport

Air service is disrupted due to cyclonic weather in Tripura on Friday. Several flights could not land at the Agartala MBB airport since Friday morning due to heavy clouds and isolated rain in Agartala sky since Friday night.

Several planes came to the skies of Agartala on friday and turned back several times without being able to land.

It is known that the advanced ILS system is also closed at Agartala MBB airport. This system assists the pilot in landing the aircraft in inclement weather.

As a result, the IndiGo flight from Delhi returned to Kolkata without landing at MBB Airport Agartala.

Another IndiGo flight from Guwhati returned to Kolkata without landing in Agartala. Another IndiGo flight from Kolkata failed to land at Agartala and returned to Kolkata.

Not only that, Air Aaksha flight from Guwahati also failed to land in Agartala on Friday.

However, an Air India plane pilot managed to land at MBB Airport successfully despite bad weather and returned to Kolkata at 1.30 pm.

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