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Demand Of ‘Greater Tipraland’ Unfair, Not Acceptable: Amara Bangali

“Demand of Greater Tipraland of TIPRA Motha is unreasonable and unfair. This is no longer acceptable. Think about it so that everyone can exercise their right to vote on February 16” State Secretary of regional political party Amara Bangali Gaurang Rudra Pal once again said this in a press conference.

Addressing a press conference  he said that various political parties are demanding alliance with Motha. But Amara Bangali don’t like supporting such alliances to grab power. Because due alliance with TIPRA Motha, the future of most of the people of the state will turn to darkness. It could be dangerous” .

He said that it is necessary to see what can be done for the welfare of the people. So the people of the state must vote for the Amara Bangali nominees. The main objective is to restore democracy, restore human rights and overall development including employment in the state.

Notably Amara Bangali have fielded candidates in 26 seats in the upcoming assembly elections.


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