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Democratic, Secular Parties Come Together & Defeat BJP: Tripura People’s Party

 A press conference was organized by Tripura People’s Party at Agartala Press Club on Thursday.

In the press conference, the leaders of the organization strongly criticized the BJP’s rule and appealed to all the opposition political parties to unite and field candidates against the BJP in the upcoming assembly elections. 

The Tripura People’s Party also said it would support the united alliance.

“We appeal to all democratic secular political parties to come together on one platform and field candidate jointly against BJP to get rid of the BJP rule” Said the party.  

“Since the establishment of the BJP-led government in the country and the state, the people of the working class and backward sections are the mostly affected. They are suffering from deep crisis. Democracy is also endangered. So all the democratic and secular political parties have to come together and defeat the BJP in the upcoming assembly elections’ said the party.

“Otherwise, the workers, farmers, middle class, teachers, and all sections of the people will be affected severely” party said.

Although the election date of Tripura has not been announced, the political parties have already entered the fray.

On the one hand, BJP has been appealing to the people for a massive victory. 

On the other hand, the opposition is trying to come together with all its might to oust the BJP from power.

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