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Dengue In Tripura: Congress Expressed Concern

“Sub-divisional hospitals failed to fight the battle with dengue. So the patient has to be referred to GBP hospital” – Tripura Pradesh Congress President Ashish Kumar Saha complained that the sub-divisional hospitals do not have proper services. 

Dengue is spreading in the state. State Congress president Ashish Kumar Saha expressed concern over dengue. 

He said if the health services in the district hospitals are improved, there would be no need for refer to the main referral hospitals. This means there is a shortage of health workers and doctors in the state.

 He demanded from the government that there is a need to solve the weaknesses in the health sector and improve the infrastructure. 

“The Chief Minister i.e. the Health Minister needs to do whatever it takes to get immediate relief from the dengue menace. Besides, the Pradesh Congress president raised his finger on the corporation today” Saha said.

“Due to lack of proper drainage system, mosquito infestation is observed in Agartala city even during the day. As a result, residents of Agartala are not getting any benefits of the smart city cover drain. So these problems need to be solved properly in Agartala city.” He said.

 And for the health department, Saja said, the health department should keep a watchful eye so that no patient dies of dengue. In addition, necessary steps should be taken.

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