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Dengue Situation In Tripura: Doctors Holds Press Conference. Calls To Be Alert

MS Shankar Chakraborty of GBP Hospital and other doctors held a press conference at the CMO office on Thursday and said that an emergency meeting was held on July 28 with health workers of microbiology department, community medicine department, emergency medicine department and other departments for dengue patients. 

“30 beds are set aside in the Covid ward when patients start coming in continuously. So far more than 50 patients have admitted to the hospital. At present there are 32 dengue patients admitted. Among them is an 18-year-old dengue patient in ICU. The subject has been admitted to the ICU for serious treatment due to abdominal pain. He is currently in ICU” said MS GBP.

He also said that since most of the mosquitoes that spread dengue infection bite people during the day, more than one and a half hundred mosquito nets have been arranged. All those currently admitted are in stable condition.

 He said that the least number of patients came to the hospital on Thursday. That is, one patient has been admitted to the hospital till noon on this day.

The doctors also said that the number of positive cases in Dhanpur is 158, 24 patients were found positive testing in Kanchanmala, Mohanpur and Bamutia. 

They also said that so far no positive patient has been detected in Agartala Municipal Area. All 51 wards of the corporation are being scanned. 

The first dengue patient has been detected in Bishalgarh subdivision, it has been reported from the health department.

 A medical team including Bishalgarh Sub Divisional Medical Officer Jyotirmoy Das quickly rushed to the patient’s home after receiving the news.

 He said Manikchandra Roy, a resident of Birchandra Para, Bishalgarh Ghanimara Ward No. 1, was admitted to the Bishalgarh sub-divisional hospital two days ago with fever. Age 55 years. But as there was no improvement in his health, the doctors referred him to GBP Hospital. There, the doctors tested for dengue and the report came back positive. He is currently undergoing treatment at GBP Hospital. 

A medical team including the Sub-Divisional Health Officer rushed to the home of the affected patient after receiving the information. They talk to other family members of dengue patients. A dengue testing camp will be held in that area on Friday, he said. 

Although the health department in the state has been grossly negligent about dengue since the beginning. When the patients went to the hospital, the doctors treated them thinking it was typhoid. And tried to hide the matter from the media.

 But now when the number of patients is increasing, the rush has started. 

Increasing dengue creating alarming situation in the state. Now dengue is not limited only to Dhanpur bordering Bangladesh. 

Gradually, dengue has started spreading to other parts of the state also. 

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