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Dengue Test Become Mandatory For Bangladeshi Citizens Entering Tripura

Dengue test has been made mandatory for Bangladeshi citizens entering Tripura as dengue situation in Bangladesh has reached almost epidemic level.

Dengue infection has already been reported from several areas of Tripura bordering Bangladesh. 

According to the state government, the number of dengue cases has crossed hundreds. After that, the Tripura state government become active.

According to an instruction from the state health department, it is mandatory for citizens traveling from Bangladesh to Tripura to undergo dengue test at the land border. The tests begins from Monday.

Tripura’s ‘Family Welfare and Preventive Medicine’ official Supriya Mallick said, ‘Dengue test has been made mandatory at every Integrated Check Post (ICP) for Bangladeshi tourists entering Tripura. We have emphasized on our health camps. Dengue test has been made mandatory at Srimantpur, Belonia and Akhaura ICPs.’ 

Blood samples of Bangladeshi tourists are being tested before entering Tripura.

He also said that through rapid antigen test kit process, even the slightest symptoms of dengue in a person will be detected.

 Although so far no symptoms of dengue have been found in the body of any Bangladeshi tourist.

Dengue has taken a terrible shape in Bangladesh this year. So far, thousands of people have been hospitalized due to dengue. 

The number of infected is increasing day by day. Health experts fear that dengue infection may surpass all previous records this time. More than 250 people have already died due to dengue in that neighboring country.

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