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Deprivation In Promotion: Tripura Opposition Leader Seeks Intervention OF CM

Leader of Opposition Animesh Debbarma has seriously alleged that senior officers have been deprived of promotions and juniors have been promoted in Tripura Administration.

 Not only this, he also alleged that SC ST reserved posts were illegally unreserved and promoted.

He also alleged that SC, ST candidates are being deprived of the post of Sub-Divisional Magistrate. 

 He said that qualified officers are being posted in less important posts. Junior officers are being placed in important positions. Senior officers with merit are being deprived.

He also said that due to the appointment of junior officers in important positions, they are not able to work in that way. The state is suffering because of this. Giving an example, he said, IAS Aninda Bhattacharya voluntary retired from service. IAS officers Nagendra Debbarma and Aninda Bhattacharya were promoted on the same day. But it has been seen that Nagendra Debbarma is still kept in the position of the director.

AOn the other hand, Aninda Bhattacharya has been posted as Secretary of the Department after becoming IAS. After retiring from service, his tenure has now been extended. 

The Leader of Opposition questioned why two officers were posted to two posts despite being promoted on the same day. One person was placed in an important position, why another person was placed in a relatively less important position? A replacement list was released recently. In that list, it is seen that an experienced senior officer like Debananda Reang has been placed in a less important post.

The opposition leader also raised questions about reservation in various fields including government jobs.

He said that during the current government, an advertisement for appointment to the High Court was released in 2021. The recruitment process was completed in 2022.

In the case of recruitment, it has been seen that posts reserved for STs, SCs have been unreserved and appointed there. Eligible candidates were not found due there. 

More people were actually hired than advertised. Opposition leader Animesh Debbarma alleged that permission was not taken from the concerned department to unreserve the reserved posts.

There are 23 divisions in the state of Tripura. In the past period it has been seen that SC, ST officers have been given the responsibility of Sub-Divisional Rulers.

But now it has been seen that SC, ST officers are not being placed in the post of Sub-Divisional Rulers. Why this deprivation, asked opposition leader Animesh Debbarma. He drew the attention of the Chief Minister and asked him to look into the matter seriously.

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