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Development Is Only Limited To Posters: Tripura Opposition Leader Hits State Govt

Opposition Leader of Tripura Legislative Assembly Animesh Debbarma criticized the government by holding a press conference on Wednesday.

He said that:

The government is promoting the pictures of the ministers, but nothing is being done. There is only wailing everywhere in the villages and hills. The BDO and Sub-Divisional Magistrates know everything about this. But they say they have nothing to do. Development is only on posters and paper. Money of state is draining out of state. Development is only limited to posters. 

 As a result, the state’s debt has doubled in the last six years. That’s why loan taken during the BJP and IPFT coalition government is double than Left Front era.

Police officers do not give receipt copies of cases to common people when they go to the police station. People are being asked to leave the police station without giving the receipt copy as the SDPO and SP will see. This is torture instead of good governance.

Onion prices have skyrocketed for the past two months.

The price of onion can be from Rs 25 to 40 , it is seen that the price of onion is being sold at Rs 100 in the market like Tulashikar market.

People do not have money, and the government is increasing the property tax and increasing the electricity tariff. State’s money, is draining to Punjab, Delhi. And on behalf of the government, some people are earning money in the state. 

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