Dewali Gone But Warm Clothes Are Still Missing!

Today we will talk about the growing, catastrophic effects of climate change in the world. We are celebrating Diwali festival in November, but our warm clothes are still missing.

About 99 percent of the country is facing high temperatures.  There has been some cooling down in the minimum temperature at night, but the fans are still running. The average temperature is higher than normal, so the feeling of winter is also missing.

If the winter of the past several centuries has been assessed, 2023 is being estimated to be the warmest year.

The negative effects of this changing trend of weather on human health, agriculture and economy are also coming to the fore, because there is no environment for adaptation and the market of warm clothes has become a sad and mute spectator.

Meteorologists are believing that it is possible that in the coming May-June, instead of extreme heat, we will have to see and face the season of rain, floods and landslides!

On one hand, poisonous winds of pollution are blowing in about 91 percent of the cities and towns of the country, the air quality index is continuously being recorded in the severe category, while on the other hand nature is very angry and coolness is missing in winter.

These are the terrible and negative effects of climate change – everything out of season.

Unfortunately and ironically, we are still playing with the environment. The temperature of the earth is increasing. It is the effect of carbon emissions, toxic gases and smoke that in European countries where there were no fans in homes and offices and the weather remained cold most of the time, nowadays the temperature is more than 40 degrees Celsius.

People there are taking bath in ponds and waterfalls and fans have also started running in homes and offices. The lakes of Venice city of Italy are in danger of drying up. People from all over the world have been coming to this beautiful city and enjoying boating in the lakes, but the heat is increasing so much that the transparent water of the lakes has started turning into steam.

These are direct effects of climate change. In India, more than 90 percent of the workers and laborers are forced to work in the open.

If climate change continues to make summers longer, working like this will become next to impossible. Obviously the average productivity and work power of workers will reduce. Ultimately the country will suffer the loss.

Supreme Court and High Court judges have been reprimanding governments over pollution and climate change.

We also issue warnings, but our political leadership is absolutely insensitive. They are not afraid of future danger. It is also unfortunate that these issues do not become the basis of public concern. Movements cannot be built on the dire threats of pollution and climate change, nor can any election be decided.

Our Prime Minister till date, more or less this season, has never made any serious mention of these issues. The concerned ministries may be doing some work on the targets set in the international level conferences, because accountability has to be fixed on the same global platform, but how much the average temperature of the earth is being reduced or how active are they in that context?

Efforts are being made, there will be some shallow answers. Well, we are directly facing the vicissitudes of nature. The problem of global warming is on a global scale. It is believed that the developed countries are more responsible for this, which are not ready to understand their responsibilities.

On many occasions, developed countries promised that they would make every effort to solve the problem of global warming, but till date nothing much has happened at the level of implementation.

The Third World will have to put pressure on the developed countries at all costs to understand their responsibilities, otherwise this problem will create a crisis for the entire world.

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