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Dhalai: BDO Office Vandalized, Road Blocked By REGA Workers Demanding Old Rules Instead Of New

REGA Workers gheraoed BDO office, vandalized and blocked roads to change guidelines. 

Basically, the REGA workers want to work according to the old guidelines instead of the new rules. 

REGA workers vandalized the RD block office at Dumbur Nagar as no official action has been taken to fulfill their wishes. 

They vandalized the block office and locked it without seeing the BDO. The situation became so heated that the police had to deploy TSR and CRPF at the block office.

Meanwhile, REGA workers blockaded the Barbari school area on the Ambasa-Gandachhara road demanding the same on Friday.

Vehicles carrying passengers has been severely disrupted due to the prolonged blockade and passengers have also suffered.

According to the new rules, there are guidelines for taking pictures twice a day while working under the REGA project. 

According to the agitator workers , the first picture was taken on Wednesday and Thursday between 8 am and 11 am and the second picture was taken between noon 12 pm. 

But even though the first picture was taken on time on Friday, there was a mishap while taking the second picture. The workers became angry when the officials announced that the second picture would be taken after 3 pm. Their anger soon spread to the block office.

According to the report some REGA workers started vandalizing the Dumbur Nagar block office. Frightened, the block office workers started rushing.

Upon receiving the information , the police of Gandachhara police station rushed to the spot. TSR and CRPF were called after seeing the situation. 

After a while, Ganganagar-Gandachhara MDC Nanda Riang, sub-divisional magistrate Arindam Das, Raima Valley MLA Dhananjay Tripura rushed to the spot. 

The workers were so angry that they were not willing to listen to the MLA, MDC, or SDM. The only demand of the workers is to immediately change the new rules and introduce the old rules.

After a long two-hour protest, the area MLA, SDM, MDC and Block Office officials sat down to discuss with 5 representatives from among the workers. 

In that discussion, it was decided that these issues would be discussed with the REGA Workers, Panchayat Secretaries, Women Contractors, Village Employment Servants of different villages of Dumbur Nagar RD Block in the conference hall of SDM on 17th May. 

When the five-member delegation returned from the meeting and informed the workers, they were not agreeing to accept the offer. They demanded that the old rules should be introduced by changing the new rules immediately. 

Finally, after the SDM Arindam Das gave a written statement to the angry workers regarding the meeting on May 17, the workers returned home after cordoning off the block office.

Meanwhile, REGA workers of Ultachhara ADC Village blocked the road at Barbari school area on Gandachhara-Ambasa road from 11 am to 12 noon on Friday with the same demand. 

There are 19 ADC villages under Dumbur Nagar RD block. REGA workers are working according to the new rules in the villages in remote areas. 

But several ADC Village workers in urban areas are reluctant to abide by the new rules. 

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