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Dharmanagar: Acid Carrying Tanker Fell In Rivult. Destroys 100 Veges Fields. Farmers Are In Trouble

A total of 50 farmers families in North Ganganagar village of Bagbasha Assembly Constituency have been badly affected and faced huge loss as rivult water which contains acid was spread unknowingly in the vegetable field through water irrigation. Different kind of vegetables like Radish, Cauliflower, Cabbage, and few others have already died. The acid mixed water has entered in different ponds as well hence various types of fishes are also dying. A tanker which was carrying acid during an accident in the Assam Agartala National Highway fell in a gorge near the rivulet and somehow acid leaked from the tank after which it was mixed with the revulet water. This revulet beside the NH road flows through North Ganganagar village which is 2km away and different kinds of vegetables are cultivated in this village as many farmers live here. This is the season of vegetables cultivation hence the farmers used to give water in the vegetables fields through irrigation and they were not aware that acid was mixed in this water. A total of 100 vegetables fields which belongs to at least 50 families were destroyed and that has created a lot of problems for them.

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