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Diarrhoea Spreads In Bilonia. 58 Reported Ill

Diarrhoea spreads in Bilonia Subdivision under South Tripura District.

According to the official report 58 persons already reported with the symptoms of Diarrhoea.

Bharat Chandra Nagar of the Subdivision reportedly mostly affected area of Diarrhoea.

18 patients including women and children has been admitted in Maicherra Primary Health Center.

The doctors diagnosed Rotavirus as the main cause of Diarrhoea.

According to the official data east kalabaria area also badly affected due to Rotavirus infection.

Patents with Diarrhoea symptoms has been reported from Barpathari also.

“We are aware about the situation and keeping close eye on it. ” said the Subdivisional Health Authority.

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