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Die In Harness: Age Relaxation Demanding The Widows

Age relaxation for the deceased person demanding the widows for die in harness job. For the die- in- harness the council of ministers have categorized it into two groups. The first group falls in the age group between 50-60 years and the second in the age group of  50 years and below. This is creating troubles. ” If the son or daughter of deceased person get age relaxation than why not the deceased? We demand at least 2 years relaxation of the deceased person that mean it should be 52 years” said Arati Nama, an widow. Notable, It was decided that if any government employee falling in the first group dies and who has no government service holder in the family, then the family of the deceased employee will get full salary till the deceased employee’s kin would reach 60 years of age. Thereafter the family will get normal pension. However if the deceased’s family has got any government service holder than the new benefits will not be applicable, but family will be entitled to the existing benefits.If any government employee falling in the second category dies and family of the deceased have no qualified members to get government service, the family will be entitled to Rs 10 lakhs. In all departments, for the die in harness benefit, 15 percent post will be kept reserved.

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