Discrimination In Employment Opportunities

In an attempt to serve their political interests, parties and governments often make promises and decisions that go beyond constitutional limits.

This is what Haryana government did. Three years ago, it made a law and decided that all

the private companies, institutions and organizations will have to give seventy-five percent reservation to the youth of Haryana in their jobs, where more than ten employees work and their salary is less than thirty thousand rupees.

The way political parties are seen across the country trying to build their support base on the issue of caste and regional identity, this step of the Haryana government cannot be called new.

The good thing is that the Punjab and Haryana High Court canceled that law. Actually, this reservation was promised by Jananayak Janata Party during the assembly elections.

Then when the government joined the alliance, it also made this law. It is the duty of every welfare government to provide better employment opportunities to its citizens.

But for this the equality and right to live given in the Constitution cannot be ignored. The rights of others cannot be violated.

No such border can be created in which entry of people from other areas is prohibited.

India has a federal system and every citizen has the constitutional right to go to any part of the country and seek employment opportunities. No state government can ban it.

But political parties have been seen many times trying to instigate local people against outsiders, citing regional identity, for their own self-interest.

Assam and Maharashtra are vivid examples of this. In Assam, Bihari laborers were attacked and an attempt was made to drive them away from there by saying that because of them the youth of Assam do not get employment.

On the same argument, in Maharashtra too, attacks were carried out on people who had settled from other states or were engaged in any employment.

The opportunity to inculcate this narrow thinking is available in all those areas where there are more industries and employment opportunities.

However, in many places such discriminatory efforts are not successful.

There are many industries in Haryana also, where a large number of people from other states come to work.

In this way, it became easy for JJP to inculcate the feeling among the people of Haryana that outsiders are snatching away the rights of the local people.

Private companies and institutions appoint employees according to their needs, assessing skills etc by imposing the requirement of filling seventy-five percent of the vacancies with local people, it is natural that they will face difficulties in selecting skilled employees.

Therefore, companies approached the court against this law and argued that it would adversely affect their productivity and efficiency.

Due to this, the basic objective of the Constitution is being violated. If all the state governments start working with this narrow mindedness, then the federal structure of the country will break down.

Our mixed and inclusive culture will also end. Regionality should not be a criterion for employment instead of qualification and skill.

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