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Domestic Elephant Died Of Sunstroke In Udaipur

A domestic elephant died of sunstroke. The incident happened in Pauramura area of Udaipur subdivision under Gomati district.

According to the report on Wednesday afternoon, while the elephant was being taken from Maharani to Palatana, it suddenly fell and died in the middle of the road in Pauramura.

Veterinarians initially said the death was due to stroke. Still, the medical team collected some samples from the elephant’s body.

It is known that the owner of the elephant is from outside Udaipur subdivision. The elephant used to stay with one of the Maharani resident for some time. The elephant was involved with various work in different places.

Even on Wednesday, the elephant was being taken from Maharani to Palatana for work. But suddenly the elephant fell in the middle of the road in Pauramura area.

Forest department staff and veterinarians rushed to the spot after receiving the information.

The news of the elephant’s death also drew a crowd from the local people. In the evening, the dead body of the elephant has been taken away for cremation by drudger.

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