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Don’t Be Confused Over Misleading News: Tripura Food Minister

“Sugar, pulses, flour, semolina and flour are being provided to consumers at subsidized rates through public distribution system on the occasion of upcoming Durga Puja. Besides, a free canvas bag is being provided along with all these food items as a Shardia Utsav gift”. 

Food Minister Sushanta Chowdhury announced this in a press conference organized at the secretariat’s press conference hall .

He said that on the occasion of the upcoming Durga Puja festival, misleading news is being spread from some section about the provision of all these food items and free canvas bags. The Food Minister urged the people of the state not to be confused and not believe in such news.

He said that 1 kg of sugar, 1 kg of pulses, 2 kg of flour, 500 gm of semolina, 500 gm of flour are being provided to consumers at subsidized prices through 2,056 ration shops of the state. 1 free canvas bag is also being given to consumers. The program was launched on October 10 at Rabindra Bhavan in a ceremony held by the Chief Minister. Those who have already taken all these food items from the ration shop between October 1-9 will only get the free canvas bag from the ration shop.

The Food Minister said that for the first time in the state, the Food Department has taken the initiative to provide mustard oil in the public distribution system. For this purpose, Engine, Emami and Longtrai companies have been selected through tender. Consumers will get this mustard oil at a price of Rs 113 as subsidy. 

The Food Minister said that the present state government has taken initiatives to strengthen the public distribution system of the state after taking charge. Public distribution system has been digitized so that genuine consumers of the state can collect their ration items from ration shops. Also, a plan has been taken to develop 600 ration shops in the state as model ration shops. 

On the occasion of the upcoming Durga Puja, 635 workers of the Food Department have been given Puja grant of RS 2 thousand, he said.

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