Drug-The Most Serious Problem That World Facing Today

Drug is one of the most serious problem the world facing today. Global drug illicit trade is a major problem due to which security and law enforcement agencies around the world, including India, are on alert.

On Monday, Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) Chairman Sanjay Kumar Aggarwal said in a conference that the global illegal drug trade has reached $ 650 billion. Which is 30 percent of the total illegal economy.

He said international customs authorities should share advanced technologies and information to detect these crimes.

It is a social problem that harms youth and families and the money earned from it is used for disruptive activities and purposes that impact national security.

Drug trafficking is often linked to other forms of crime, such as terrorism, money laundering or corruption.

As part of efforts to eradicate drug , the government aims to make India ‘drug free’ by 2047.

Article 47 of the Directive Principles of State Policy in the Constitution directs the State to take necessary action against the use of illicit drugs.

It states that the State shall endeavor to raise the level of nutrition, the standard of living and improve public health and in particular the State shall endeavor to prevent the consumption of alcoholic beverages and substances injurious to health, except for medicinal use. K

Keep in mind that India has a large population as well as high demand for drugs, which makes drug trade easier.

On the other hand, the country lacks trained personnel, specialized equipment and proper infrastructure to effectively combat drug trafficking and abuse.

There is a lack of awareness and education about the dangers of drug abuse and addiction, especially in rural areas.

In a program, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said that drugs bring three evils: darkness, destruction and devastation. Therefore the society needs to understand that it is time to unite to deal with this threat.

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