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Dry Spell: Water Crisis Starts In The Tripura Hilly Parts

The dry season is yet to begin, but the drinking water crisis is deepening in the hilly areas of Tripura especially the water scare Jampui, Sakhan and Shermoon hill ranges giving an impression of a hard days ahead. Langai, Longtarai, Raima, Atharomura, Barmuda, Devtamuda, Aampura, Bodomoidan, Ujanmoidan, Jampuijala are under severe water crisis due to the start of the dry season as the report coming in. Eruption of enteric disease and diarrhea are most common during dry spell in remote tribal localities. Drinking of contaminated water from the streams due to drying up of regular water sources have led to diseases resulting in casualties every year. “Authority to take initiative on this matter yet it seems to be all in vain” alleged Sharbojoy Koloi, resident of Jampuijala.

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