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Durga Puja Festival: Traffic Police Imposes Restrictions In Agartala

West Tripura district administration has taken various steps to facilitate the movement of pedestrians and vehicles in Agartala city for the 4 days of Durga Puja from October 21 to October 24. 

The notification said that no entry zones, terminal points for different types of vehicles, parking areas and alternative routes for patients, air passengers and rail passengers have been arranged at various places in Agartala city. 

District Magistrate of West Tripura district Dr. Vishal Kumar said in a notification that no entry/drop gates will be installed at various places from 5 pm to 12 am (midnight) on the mentioned 4 days. 

The no entry period for vehicles may be extended considering the number of visitors in major puja mandapas.

The District Magistrate informed in the notification that from October 21 to October 24, no vehicles will be allowed to run in the area from North Gate to Radhanagar-Circuit House (Shantikami Polster Club-Kunjaban Sevak Sangh) from 5 PM to 12 AM. Vehicles with passes can proceed to the Circuit House from the North Gate. Emergency vehicles will be able to travel in both directions. Bodhjung Chowmuhani to North Gate, Volcan Club to Bhagwan Thakur Chowmuhani, Bhagwan Thakur Chowmuhani-Lalbahadur Chowmuhani-Ganaraj Chowmuhani Petrol Pump (from both sides), Old Central Jail west corner (Bapiraj Furniture) to Lalbahadur (from both sides), Marginal Club to Old Central Jail Junction, Post Office Choumuhani-Gandhighat-Grandiuz Choumuhani-Golbazar- Lalmatia (Chhatrabandhu-Grandiuz-Netaji Play Center from both sides), Kaman Choumuhani-Shibbari- Central Road-Golbazar, Motorstand-Chittaranjan Road-Ramthakursangh (from both sides), Ramthakursangh-Sudhir Dargah Bari road junction, Chittaranjan Road-Chittaranjan Club (from both directions), Sahajiti Club (Ramnagar Road No. 4 to Road No. 6 from both directions, except emergency vehicles), Battala-Dasmighat (from both directions), Jayanagar Bus Stand to Jubo Samaj (from both directions , 2nd turn) Paradise Chaumuhani- from either side of the fair) and Bharatrat Ushabazar.

The notification informed that from 21st October to 24th October from 5 pm to 5 am the following day, buses and passenger vehicles will be stopped at Pandit Nehru Office Complex (Gorkhabasti), North of Durgachoumuhani Bridge (Near Ramnagar T.O.P.), Akhaura Road Crossing adjacent to Trinayani Club, Nagerjala Bus Terminal, You can park at Edinburgh Dropgate, Pratapgarh Bailey Bridge, Chandramohan Setu South (Old Fullant Bridge), Ramthakur Boys School Bridge, Gandhi School/MBB College area, near Chandrapur Mosque, near GB Cancer Hospital

There will be some rickshaws/autorickshaws at the terminal point for the convenience of passengers. Vehicles used for emergency purposes will be allowed to ply. Trucks/goods carrying vehicles will be allowed to stop at Amtali Bypass under Amtali Police Station, Khairpur Bypass under Bodhjungnagar Police Station, Madhabbari under Ranirbazar Police Station, Lichubagan under NCC Police Station, Border Roundabout under West Agartala Police Station from 5 PM to 6 AM the next day. 

Vehicles carrying essential goods must be unloaded and taken to the garage by 3 pm. Or must leave Agartala Purnigam area by 4 PM. Action will be taken against illegal parking from 4.15 pm.

From 12:00 PM to 6:00 AM, North Zone parking locations are next to Katakhal at Lake Choumuhani Bazar, Radhanagar Bus Stand, Inside North Gate (Near Gas & Flame Office), Cantonment Road (Shiva Bari area of ​​Assam Rifles), Nehru Park, from Col. Chowmuhani. Eastern side of Bidurakarta Chowmuhani Road, Bodhjung Chowmuhani to Bhagwanthakur Chowmuhani. Middle zone parking area is Kaman Chowmuhani to Post Office Choumuhani Road North, Post Office Choumuhani to West side of Old RMS Chowmuhani, Shakuntala Road West side, Golbazar to MBB Club Crossing, Netaji Subhas Road North side, Durgabari Parking Place South side, Orient Chowmuhani to Rabindra Bhavan Junction, Orient Chowmuhani to Jackson Gate, Gandhighat Road, Gandhighat to Paradise Chowmuhani via Melermath Road, North side of Office Lane and over covered drain from IGM Choumuhani to Orient Chowmuhani. Parking spaces for East Zone are old motor stand parking area, northern part of Old Central Jail road, Purbasha to Women’s College (North side of Laxminarayan Bari road), Women’s College to Power House junction (East side), Water Supply Tank on Gandhi School Road and MBB College Road Near Fisari Office. In south and west zones, parking from 12:00 pm to 6:00 am is inside Nagerjala motor stand, north side of Battala to Melarmath road, east side of old AMC office road from Battala, Ramnagar inner road, Shankar Chowmuhani to Col Chowmuhani on cover drain, West side of Ramnagar 6 to Durga Chaumuhani road and near Ramnagar T.O.P.

Emergency routes for patients, air passengers and rail passengers are (Hapania TMC Hospital to IGM/GB Hospital / ILS Hospital) Hapaniya – Abhinagar – Flyover – IG Name – TRTC – Bidurakarta Choumuhani – Col Chowmuhani – Haradhan Sangh – North Gate – Radhanagar – Murthy Premises- GBP Hospital- ILS, Emergency road from GBP Hospital/ILS Hospital to IGM/TMC Hospital is ILS-GBP Hospital- Murthy Premises- Radhanagar- North Gate- Haradhan Sangha- Col Chowmuhani- Vidurakarta Chowmuhani- RMS Chowmuhani- IGM- Flyover – AD Nagar.

Another road is ILS/GBP Hospital-Abhaynagar-Bhagwan Thakur Chowmuhani-Bodhjung Chowmuhani-Women’s College-Ganaraj/Lions Gate-Orient Chowmuhani-RMS Chowmuhani-IGM Chowmuhani-Flyover- AD nagar. 

Air passengers and rail passengers have been requested to carry their air tickets or boarding passes and use ‘Airport and Railway Passenger’ stickers on vehicles. Passengers can use any road for commuting. 3 alternative roads have been identified for light vehicle movement with spot pass from Competent Authority/Traffic Sector Officer in case of emergency. These are Hanpaniya Siddhiashram – Edingar – Flyover – Fire Service Chowmuhani – IGM Chowmuhani – RMS Chowmuhani – Rabindra Bhavan – Lions Gate – Women’s College – Bodhjung Chowmuhani – Vuturia – Sachin Setu – Abhaynagar – GB Hospital. 

The second road is GB Bazar – Indranagar Road – Marginal Club – Jaiguru – Mordan Club – Gandhimool – Jogendranagar Araliya. 

The third road is Airport Road – Panchavati Kalibari – Barajala – Durga Chaumuhani – Ramnagar Inner Road – Akhaura Road – Fire Service Chowmuhani – Abla Chowmuhani – Battala – Nagerjala – Siddhi Ashram of AD Nagar – Hapania.

The phone number for contacting the traffic control room has also been given in the District Magistrate’s notification. Phone numbers are- 9402303100 / 7005244471, whats app number is 9802303100

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