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EC Become Pro-Active Ahead Of Final Voter List Publication. Sent Latters To States

Lok Sabha elections in the country next year. However, its final announcement is still a long way off. But the National Election Commission started interfering in the state administration by talking about the preparation of the election work.

It is reported that they have recently written to the states. It has been mentioned that the District Election Officer (DEO) and Election Registration Officer (ERO) cannot be transferred without the permission of the Election Commission.

Even if the transfer is to be done, the detailed reasons must be sent to the Commission through the Chief Electoral Officer of the State.

Approval may be given after judging it. In each district these two posts are occupied by the respective District Magistrate.

According to the political analysts the Election Commission wants to control the transfer of District Magistrates.

The Election Commission further mentioned in the letter, now revised voters list is in progress. Decision regarding transfer of employees employed there would be taken Chief Electoral Officer. If the post is vacant that too he will consider it. If necessary, he will also consult with the Election Commission.

The move means that officers and workers doing work for voter list preparation under the District Magistrates are now directly under the control of the Election Commission

Work of Voter list preparation has just started. There is such a letter or move has never been seen before.

Control of the transfer at all stages now to controll the Election Commission.

Forced practice has started because of wanting to do it. Draft voter list and final list

Interference in the case of such transfers in the state administration during draft voters list publication or final voters list publication raising question mark.

The final voter is expected to be announced in January 5.

These guidelines of Election Commission to remain untill final voters list publication.

According to the Election Commission, this instruction is to do the work of correcting the voter list perfectly.

It has been asked to build infrastructure including filling vacancies.

These guidelines are to all state governments sent by the Election Commission.

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