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Employees Are Under Attack, Victim Of Extortion In Tripura: TECC

Tripura Employees Coordination Committee (HB Road) holds a press conference at the Coordination Bhawan in Melarmath on Tuesday. 

Swapan Bal, general secretary of the organization, said at a press conference that:

“Ever since the results of the last assembly elections were announced, a group anti-social clearly in favor of the ruling party has been terrorizing continuously, defying the strict orders of the chief minister. The teachers and employees of the state are not spared from this terror. Even though the complaint is reported, no strict action is being taken by the police administration. A jungle rule is going on in the entire state”.

“The Kalyanpur branch office of the Tripura Employees Coordinating Committee was occupied by the miscreants of the ruling party after the election results were announced. And the Udaipur divisional office was also set on fire by the miscreants of the ruling party. The miscreants of the ruling party set fire to the Chailengta branch office”

“On the land taken leased from the Dharmanagar District Administration, the Tripura Government Employees’ Association constructed the Pakka House at their own expense. After the Assembly elections on April 22, Speaker Bishwa Bandhu Sen, In the presence of the District Magistrate and the Collector, officially opened the disabled rehabilitation center by occupying it illegally. As a result, the neutrality of the government administration has been questioned”

” Protests are being made for the occurrence of such incidents. The government employees are not spared. A civil servant, a junior engineer, a female clerk were attacked in their office in Dharmanagar. Jaidip Debnath, a clerk in the North District Office of the Department of Agriculture, Horticulture and Land Conservation, and a member of the Central Committee of the Tripura Government Employees Association, went to work on Tuesday, May 2 after reporting illness, but the miscreants of the ruling party took him to a club in Chandrapur. There he was severely beaten and seriously injured”

“When he returned to the office injured, those traitors came and threatened him that he would not be allowed to work in Dharmanagar if he did not pay Rs 1 lakh . Two private school teachers were called and beaten up. An attempt was made to set fire to a teacher’s house in Kamalpur. In Udaipur, the houses of 3 teacher-employee leaders were vandalized and bombs were thrown. In Mohanpur there have been incidents like burning of rubber garden, setting fire to house led by teachers and workers. In Bishalgarh, 2 teacher-employee leaders were physically assaulted. The houses of 5 other leaders were vandalized and looted”

“Besides, a large number of teachers-employees leadership in various subdivisions including Sonamura, Bilonia, Shantirbazar were physically attacked. Houses were vandalized. Many have been forced to flee their homes. Mental torture is going on across the state. There is a lot of extortion going on”

” Tripura Employees Coordination Committee strongly condemns each incident. The organization is demanding the punishment of anti-social elements in every case. And in protest of these incidents, a joint convention will be held on June 11 in Agartala with 8 point demands”

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