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Employees Can’t Leave The Office During Working Hours: Tripura Govt

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Tripura government become more strict regarding time schedule of working hours.

From now on, if a government employee enter in the office, he/she will not be able to leave before end of the office hours .

Guidelines have been issued in this regard. Government servants have also been directed to be more careful in their daily attendance and punctuality.

In a memo signed by secretary Abhishek Singh, it is observed that public servants are not sincere in their duties. Whereas the government expects punctuality, discipline etc from the employees.

In this situation, the state government has said in the instructions to the employees that the office will start at 10 o’clock. It will end at 5.30. No one can leave the office during working hours. Employees can leave office on working hours only for urgent and essential reasons and with the permission of the concerned higher authority. Daily attendance, discipline, punctuality, etc. are to be observed, mentioned in the guidelines.

The directive clearly mentions that strict action will be taken otherwise.

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