Employment Is More Important Than Reservation

Unemployment and inflation are the most important national issues. The irony is that most mandates are not decided on these issues. 

Nowadays there is a lot of talk about women’s reservation. General reservation is also such a sensitive issue. Employment is more important than reservation, so that women too do not remain ‘unpaid workers’ from generation to generation and the average Indian can become self-reliant. 

Nowadays, whenever the Prime Minister of the country Modi lays the foundation stone of a cricket stadium or inaugurates ‘Yashobhoomi’ event complex or visits any exhibition, he claims to increase employment everywhere. 

Big highways and expressways are also being built in the country, obviously they will also generate employment. 

In parallel with their construction, other economic activities also increase. Of course, the growth rate of our economy is around 8 percent, but its average per capita is around 4 percent. 

It is only 5 percent. After the Corona global pandemic, India’s economy has made a very fast and positive comeback, hence in 2021-22, not only was the GDP about Rs 150 lakh crore and was also 9 percent more than last year, but it was also at the pre-Corona level.

The economics of GDP are somewhat different, which the common man cannot understand, hence there are deep contradictions between the rate of economic growth and general employment. 

Many unanswered questions also remain implicit. Political powers do not answer them. 

Therefore, there are deep contradictions between the rate of economic growth and general employment. 

Employment is another issue that is not being fully addressed despite all the positive economic growth. 

There are different interpretations and stories of employment, job and self-employment in our country.

It is clear from the data of various reports of the Government of India that there has been a return of flexibility or employment in the job market. 

Apart from government, bumper employment opportunities are also being advertised in the private sector, but these opportunities for women and young graduates have lagged behind the overall economy. 

After the Corona Pandemic , the rate of male and female workers has increased, but this employment data has been in the headlines only superficially. 

If working conditions have improved, then apparently the unemployment rate should go down, but even today the national rate is swinging between 7-8 percent. 

The unemployment rate in 2021-22 was about 6.6 percent, which was about 2 percent less than in 2019-20, But women employment was showing increase. What kind of anomaly was this? 

A report suggests that there has been a structural decline in women’s employment. In contradiction to this, it was said that the inclination towards self-employment of women has increased. This self-employment was ‘unpaid’ and an option to ‘quit’ because of the poor conditions of jobs and employment in the market. 

It was also concluded that the monthly income of women has increased compared to 2019-20 and 2020-21. This should also be seen in the context of inflation. 

Interestingly, the monthly income of Rs 12089 in 2021-22 was about 2 percent less than the average monthly income of 2017-18. How is this possible? Does the person’s income increase or decrease from year to year? 

To increase the monthly income of women in different states, governments of political parties make their financial policies accordingly. Some announce to distribute Rs 1500, some Rs 2000 and Rs 2500 for free. 

It cannot be called regular income, because sometimes the free money is received and sometimes the governments forget it. 

Despite such lollipops, the pressure to increase women’s participation in the country’s labor force remains, but it is not happening. 

Youth unemployment is a worrying concern, which sometimes takes the form of anarchy. It is clear from the data that among job seekers who are graduates or more educated, there is more than 20 percent unemployment on an average till the age of 29 years. 

At least the Prime Minister will realize this! In fact our economic growth is ‘jobless’. There is no mutual relationship between GDP and employment. 

Then what is the meaning of economic development or being the 5th largest economy? The government needs to make a large-scale plan to provide employment to the youth. Central and state governments can do this work together.

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