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Entrepreneurs Will Not Come If Industry Not Improve: CM Manik Saha

Tripura Industry Development Corporation has launched a new projects named Yuva Tripura, New Tripura, Atmanirbhar Tripura. This project was started a few days ago. 100 youths who want to develop industries or know about various schemes have been taken in the first phase based on online application. They visited Bodhjungnagar industrial area to gain experience in setting up industries. To encourage young men and women Workshop was held in Bodhjungnagar on Friday.

 It was attended by Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha, Minister of Industry and Commerce Shantana Chakma, Chairman of Tripura Industrial Development Corporation Nabadul Banik, Head of Department and others. 

In the workshop, the Chief Minister said, “This government is my government. If everyone can work in this mindset, then Tripura will be a model state in the North-Eastern region.” 

Chief Minister said, Prime Minister gave HIRA model to Tripura. That’s why everything is better now. The train connectivity with Bangladesh will be completed within this year. The aim of the present government is to put a smile on all face. The energetic youth among these unemployed who are interested in developing industries will also be helped by the Tripura Industrial Development Corporation. Loans will be arranged from various banks. 

The Chief Minister said that there is always a problem when going to work. There is no problem with the one that doesn’t work. If you don’t work, you can never move forward. This government is my government. If such mentality is born, it is possible to develop Tripura state as a model state. 

The Chief Minister also said that entrepreneurs will not come if the industry does not improve. Earlier in Tripura there was no progress in industry due to underdeveloped communication system. But nowadays communication system has developed radically. 

On this day CM also inaugurated a bamboo based industrial factory at Bamboo Park in Shilpa Nagar located in RK Nagar on Friday. 

Speaking on this occasion he said that the importance of various industrial centers in economic development, employment and women empowerment is immense. Keeping this aspect in mind, the government has taken initiatives to establish new industries. As a result, entrepreneurs from different places are now showing interest in investing in this state. 

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