ESMA In Tripura….

Essential Services Management Act (ESMA) empowers the state government to punish employees who refuse to serve in sectors which are considered essential to maintain normalcy. Healthcare, sale and transport of medicines and medical equipment, electricity, food, drinking water and security are among the services considered essential. Tripura becomes second state to invoke ESMA afer Madhya Pradesh during this covid pandemic to manage the pandemic. It gives police the right to arrest, without a warrant, anybody violating this act. Naturally Doctors, nurses, Health workers are frightened. “It is wrong on the part of the Government of Tripura to ignore their own weaknesses through adoption of the method of suppression. This is highly objectionable, unjust and thoroughly authoritarian step” opposition CPIM already alligated. “If the government of Tripura thinks to gag people including doctors, nurses, government officers and employees in this hour of grave crisis, how united effort will develop to confront, counter and combat COVID-19?” Opposition leader Manik Sarkar questioned. Meanwhile 5 high officials of tripura health service already resigned voluntarily during this pandemic situation. All these are facts.

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