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Establish INDIA. Defeat BJP: Sudip Roy Barman

MLA Sudip Roy Barman was felicitated by the party at the Tripura Pradesh Congress Bhavan on Monday as he was appointed as an invitee standing member of the All India Congress Working Committee.

Tripura State Congress President Ashish Kumar Saha was present there.

Speaking with the press , MLA Sudip Roy Barman said that:

Bharatiya Janata Party has no trust, no faith, no trust on the people. So they are trying to hold on the power by bringing down constant attacks. 

Those who had no contribution in the freedom movement are now talking about the Har Ghar Tiranga programme. But this party does not love the soil of the country. A party of thugs. They are now trying to play with people’s emotions in the Lok Sabha elections. But people have to understand that there is no alternative to Congress in the country. 

Accordingly, Sudip Roy Barman urged everyone to come forward to establish the I.N.D.I.A in the country by defeating the anti-democratic party. 

He further said that the intention of BJP is to divide the society. And the economic condition of the country has deteriorated during the tenure of this government. In the future, the survival of the the lower class, middle class will become difficult. So it is not a Congress vs BJP fight. This fight is the People’s Party of I.N.D.I.A against the BJP. And it is the people’s struggle against the fascists. 

He also said that Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi will come to the state very soon. 

After visiting Manipur, She will come to the state to offer puja at Tripureshwari temple Udaipur, said MLA Sudip Roy Barman. Other state Congress leaders were also present on the occasion.

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