Europe Under Security Crisis: Russia-America Are Face To Face Over Ukraine

Expressing the possibility of war breaking out at any time, the US embassy in Ukraine on Wednesday urged its citizens in the former Soviet country to leave at the earliest. “The US Embassy urges US citizens in Ukraine to consider departing as soon as possible using commercial or other privately available transportation options,” the embassy said in a statement.

Let us tell you that Russia has deployed more than one lakh soldiers and heavy weapons on the border of Ukraine, due to which America and other western countries believe that Russia can attack Ukraine at any time.

Earlier on Tuesday, US President Joe Biden warned Russia that it would face dire consequences if it tried to enter Ukraine. “I have already made it clear to President Vladimir Putin that if Russia decides to enter Ukraine, it will face dire consequences, including severe economic sanctions,” the US president said. Not only this, I will also not hesitate to increase the presence of US forces and NATO in the eastern region (Poland, Romania etc.).

Two days ago the US, Britain and Australia asked the families of their diplomats in Kiev to leave Ukraine amid concerns about a possible Russian invasion. Germany said that if they want, they will also help their citizens to leave.

Europe is currently going through its most serious security crisis since the Cold War. The two most powerful countries of the world, America and Russia are once again face to face with regard to the Eastern European country of Ukraine. 

America says that Russia can attack Ukraine at any time. Ukraine’s neighboring country Belarus has a Russian-backed government and there is an increasing gathering of Russian forces in the name of military exercises. 

Many big European countries say that if Russia attacks Ukraine, they will support America in such a situation.

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