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Expansion Of NH 8 : Affected Families Blocked Road Demanding Compensation

23 families are affected by the landslide. The affected families blocked the National Nighway 8 on Saturday morning demanding compensation. 

Incident happened , in the 45 mile area of ​​Atharomura Hills under Mungiakami R.D block. 

According to the report, for a long time the work of expansion of the national highway is going on in Ataromura hills.

The work is being done by an contractor belongs from out of the state. National highway is being widened by cutting the hills.

As a result of this mountain cutting, the houses of the tribal people living in the 45 mile area of ​​Atharomura hill affected due to allegedly collapse of hills on Friday evening. 

Cracks have now appeared more massive across the mountains. As a result, there is a danger that the houses of several other families living in this hilly area at ​​45 miles area would be collapsed. 

Due to this entire incident, the helpless families belonging to the respective area holds the blockade of the Assam-Agartala National Highway at the 45 mile area, demanding compensation. 

This road blockade lasted for several hours. Receiving the information of this road blockade, the staff of Mungiakami police station rushed to the spot. 

Later, the blockade was lifted after receiving the assurance of the administration officials. 

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