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Expired Saline Given To The Patients By Sonamura District Hospital Authority

Expired saline given by the hospital authority to the patients. The patient’s family got angry as soon as they noticed it.

The incident took place at Sonamura District Hospital. Allegedly, the duty nurse of Sonamura sub-district hospital pushed expired saline to five patients on Sunday. Saline has expired by one month. Expired on October 10.

On this day, the matter was first noticed by Sohel Miah, the son of a patient from Melaghar.

Then as the matter got known among the rest of the families , it was found that a total of five patients were being given expired saline.

In no time, tension spread in the hospital. A patient named Hastaram Nowatia’s wife informed that her husband’s pain started in stomach within 30 minutes of giving saline.

Physical illness also increases. But when the doctors and nurses on duty at the hospital were asked why expired saline was given to the patients, they could not say anything.

Patients are given saline again to manage the situation. Earlier, there were various complaints about Sonamura sub-district hospital from the patients and their relatives. But the apathy of the hospital authorities is increasing day by day.

The patient’s family complained that people’s lives have started to be put at risk. But if someone’s life is lost in such activities, who will take the responsibility is now a question of lakhs of rupees.

Notably few days ago ‘expired blood’ has been pushed to a patient in GBP, The main referral hospital of the state.

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