Farm Bill: Experiment Like Note Bandi/GST !!

It’s a work of dare to change or reform. Obviously PM modi dare to take risks. He time to time taking risks for experiments. Earlier he took the risk of NOTE BANDI. Than GST. Now Farm Bill. Well, results of the earlier two experiments are well known to all. What about the latest, Farm bill? Obviously we have to wait for some time to know infact to see the result of FARM BILL. Farmers and Opposition parties are already calling this bill as FIRM BILL. Cultivators’ biggest fear from deregulation is losing their most important bargaining chip. Though Modi ji has assured farmers the support will stay by announcing prices for the winter crop, though as farmer activists have noted, the 2.6% increase for wheat is only half the cost escalation. How will Modi ji assure base prices once the mandi system slips into disuse? Thats a vital question. without the fees and commissions, the market yards may atrophy, and the local elite that’s thrived off the system but also buffered it could lose its sway, leaving farmers at the mercy of traders’ cartels controlled by corporate monopolies, it’s also a matter of concern.

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