Farm Protest 700% Increased In Modi Era: NCRB Report

Its a fact that during PM Narendra Modi era farm protest increased 700 percent, according to the data of National Crime Record Bureau. “Between 2014 and 2016, the number of farmers’ protests rose from 628 to 4837”, NCRB report shows. It’s an “increment” of 700 percent. According to the report prior 2014 farmers mostly organized small protests at the state or local level. Hundreds of small and medium-scale farmer organisations sprung up across the country. Using digital media, they created organisational infrastructure and inducted into the movement a mixed bag of leaders who are “insiders” those entirely based in rural areas and “outsiders” those with connections with urban areas. This combination has facilitated the organisation of protests in cities as well as in rural areas. The AIKSCC represents a new form of farmers’ politics in India as they tabled the private members bills in lok sabha in 2018. Except BJP 21 political parties supported them.

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