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Fear Gone,Covid On:Crowd Breaks At Agartala On Navami Night. Ushabazar Become ‘Transmission Zone’

Massive crowd breaks on sunday night at agartala as this was the last day of Durga puja festival. But significantly both public and administration seems forgotten that covid19 yet to over as there was nothing like social distance even masks. Experts, Doctors Community even High Court asked people not to be complacent during the festive season, urging them to continue wearing masks and follow social distancing. But the messages doesn’t seem to have reached Tripura public where large crowds have massed at puja pandals like Bharat Ratna Sangha, Ushabazar on Sunday night. “It seems like the virus has disappeared from the state. People have become complacent and administration is not doing enough to restrict people,” a Senior journalist said on sunday night. According to the experts the ongoing festive season and weather will also play a role in how the virus spreads in the state. Looking at these pictures [of crowd at pandals], lowering temperatures and the festive season, I am scared what turn tripura might take if we are not careful over such things,” says Dr Sandeep Dhar. “There is no guarantee that young people won’t get seriously ill. The elderly are more vulnerable but everybody needs to be equally careful,” he says. “I am alarmed,” he says. “We can’t hold festive at the cost of people’s health.”

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