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Festival Begins: Mahalaya Celebrated In Tripura

Mahalaya celebrated on Saturday. According to the Hindu ritual Devi Paksha begins with the end of Pitri Paksha. 

With the beginning of Devipaksha, Mahalaya observ six days before Durga Puja, the biggest religious festival of the Bangalee Hindu community.

Although Durga Puja will formally begin on October 20 on the day of Maha Shasti, the advent of Goddess Durga heralded on Saturday.

On this day, there is a custom of Tarpan praying the ancestors peace. Accordingly, at dawn, people have appeared in rows at the river or pond in Agartala for the tarpan . 

This picture has been seen this year also like every year. In the same way, a flood of people enthusiastic about the festival has also hit the streets of Mahalaya in the early hours of the morning in city Agartala. All over the state, the festival is over.

On this day, a large number of people have gathered in different places of the city, including the Lakxmiinarayan Bari Dighi in Agartala, to offer pitri tarpan. 

Moreover, Chandi Path was started from 4 am in the early morning by the initiative of small traders in the area adjacent to Laxminarayan Bari. 

Moreover, on the morning of Mahalaya, enthusiastic people flocked to Agartala city in various places. 

Centering the arrival of the goddess durga, a lot of excitement was observed in the MBB college premises.

There was excitement of taking picture with mobile camera.

Strict security measures have been organized by the administration to ensure the safety of the city on this day. 

Police, traffic police have been deployed in different places of Agartala . To avoid any untoward incident, the police sat at checkpoints at different places.

Besides, it was observed whether the different cars and scooters have correct documents, whether the drivers and passengers are using seat belts. Alcoholic drivers has been detained.

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