Fight Against Centre’s Delhi Ordinance: Arvind Kejriwal Meets Mamata Banerjee 

Arvind Kejriwal is meeting with opposition parties against the Centre’s ordinance on the issue of transfer-posting of officers in Delhi. 

On Tuesday, he went to Kolkata and met West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee seeking support.

Supporting Kejriwal, Mamta said- If the central government brings a bill regarding the ordinance in the monsoon session of Parliament, we will oppose it. Mamta has also appealed to other parties to oppose the ordinance.

Mamta said about the central government, what do they think? Are we their bonded laborers? Are we their servants? We are worried that they may change the constitution and change the name of the country to the name of the party. They want to destroy the constitution. Only the Supreme Court can save the country.

Earlier, the Congress party had supported Kejriwal on Monday. Congress general secretary KC Venugopal said on Monday that the Congress will oppose the central government’s ordinance on Delhi in the monsoon session of Parliament. We are with Aam Aadmi Party and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

Kejriwal is campaigning for the support of opposition parties regarding the central government’s ordinance. 

He will be in Mumbai on May 24 and 25, where he will meet Uddhav Thackeray and NCP chief Sharad Pawar.

Kejriwal was accompanied by Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann, AAP leaders Sanjay Singh, Raghav Chadha and Atishi Singh.

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar had met Arvind Kejriwal on 21 May. Nitish is meeting leaders these days regarding opposition unity. This was his second meeting with Kejriwal in a month. Nitish had called the central government’s ordinance against the constitution.

On the other hand, Kejriwal said- If the central government brings this ordinance in the Rajya Sabha to make it a law, then the opposition should support us. If the opposition is together, the BJP will be finished in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

Aam Aadmi Party will hold a grand rally at Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan on June 11 against the Centre’s ordinance. 

The AAP is now trying to garner the sympathy of the common people as well as the opposition parties regarding the Centre’s ordinance.

According to party sources, the party is preparing to bring political parties on the stage in the rally. 

Delhi convenor Gopal Rai appealed to the people of Delhi to reach Ramlila Maidan in large numbers. Gopal Rai said that the way the central government has made a mockery of the constitution, this rally is against it.

Supreme Court on May 11 decided that only the elected government will have control over the government officials in Delhi. 

A 5-judges constitution bench said in a unanimous opinion – except for public order, police and land, the lieutenant governor will work with the advice and cooperation of the Delhi government in all other matters.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal removed service secretary Ashish More, a day after the Supreme Court’s constitutional bench decision.


The Delhi government alleges that the LG has put a stay on this decision. LG is doing this despite the Supreme Court order. This is contempt of court order. However, later LG passed the file.

Seven days after the decision of the Supreme Court, the central government issued an ordinance on the rights of the Delhi government on May 19. 

According to the ordinance, the final decision on transfer-posting of officers in Delhi will be taken by the LG. 

The Chief Minister will have no right in this. Now within 6 months, a law related to this will also be made in the Parliament.

The fight between the Lieutenant Governor and the Arvind Kejriwal government regarding transfer-posting in Delhi again reached the Supreme Court. The central government reached the Supreme Court on May 19, just a day after bringing the ordinance. 

The Center has appealed to the Supreme Court to reconsider the May 11 verdict given by the Constitutional Bench.

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