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Fight Over Agri Office Bearers Election: Office Occupied

The inner bickering of the ruling BJP and its front organizations over leadership and possibly sharing of spoils have come to the fore yet again on Saturday quite ridiculously  in the 10th biennial conference of Tripura Agricultural Graduates Association (TAGA) in government run Nazrul Kalakshetra auditorium. According to sources in the association , the conference had commenced smoothly and minister for agriculture Pranajit Singha Roy , revenue minister Narendra Debbarma addressed the conference . Former agriculture officer and scientist Baharul Islam Majumder was also present in the conference but left early, possibly realizing trouble ahead. But the trouble started when the election authority for constituting new executive committee comprising Dilip Das, Manik Debbarma and Monimoy Debnath stood up to announce the names in a new panel of the executive committee. At that time Sukhen Das, an assistant professor of agriculture college and not even a member of TAGA stood up with slogans of ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jay’ and took the dais with his fifteen other followers. Sukhen, a CPI (M) turned BJP man and husband of Bishalgarh block scam tainted Meeta Malakar, rubbished he panel announced and said that he and his committee, chosen by the chief minister, would take over. Sukhen also pushed aside the outgoing general secretary Dipankar Deb and forcibly made the outgoing president as his vice president. As the trouble on dais was on , a large group of ‘Hindutwa’ workers with saffron tips on their heads stormed into the hall and every body fell silent. The conference ended in a fiasco but finally Sukhen and his group captured the TAGA association  in Ker Chaumuhuni and announced names of new office bearers besides calling a press conference.

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