Fire Caused By Firecrackers. House Burnt To Ashes In Agartala

A house burnt to ashes on Diwali night due to fire cracker. The house of Vishal Deb, a resident of Masterpara area Agartala , was burnt to ashes.

The owner of the house said that the fire started from a firecracker. 

The owner of the house, Vishal Deb, said that the firecrackers was burnt on the occasion of Diwali last night. Then firecrackers came and fell in the room.

After some time, the family members saw the fire. Then the local people of the area gathered with the the family members.

Immediately after being informed, two fire engines rushed to the spot. But by then the house was completely gutted.

Neighbors and firefighters brought the fire under control after long efforts. As a result, Masterpara was saved from a major fire incident.

The owner of the house said that the amount of damage due to the fire is Rs 10 to 12 lakh.

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