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FM Nirmala Sitamaran Defends Price Rise In Lok Sabha. Congress Walks Out

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After discussion in Lok Sabha on the issue of price hike, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitamaran replied, but unhappy with it, Congress MPs left the house during the Finance Minister’s address. 

Amidst the constant chatter and noise of opposition members, Nirmala Sitharaman said that India remains the fastest growing economy in the assessment of global agencies. 

She said that efforts are being made to bring down the retail inflation rate below 7 percent. Due to the steps taken by the government, the prices of edible oils have come down sharply. Due to the efforts of the government during the Corona epidemic, we were in a better position than other countries. 

She stressed that there is no question of recession in India. Referring to the corona epidemic, Sitamaran said, “we have never seen such an pandemic before. We were all trying to ensure that the people of our parliamentary constituencies are given extra help. I believe that all MPs and state governments have played their part in this regard. Otherwise India would not have been where it is compared to other parts of the world.” 

Earlier, many opposition MPs, including Congress MP Manish Tewari, TMC MP Kakoli Ghosh, targeted the government fiercely on the issue of inflation. In the beginning of the discussion, Congress MP Manish Tewari said that the inflation rate in the country has been in double digits for the last 14 months. This is the highest in 30 years. The Consumer Food Price Index is skyrocketing. GST has also increased on items of daily use like rice, curd, paneer and pencils and sharpeners. The government is not even sparing children.

BJP MP Nishikant Dubey said that in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Singapore, inflation is rising everywhere and people are losing jobs. In such a situation, if the poor are getting free food for two times, then should we not thank the PM.

Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) MP Supriya Sule said that GST has been imposed on everything. In such a situation, should the poor be thankful to the PM? 

Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar of Trinamool Congress (TMC) showed the house after eating raw brinjal and said that the inflation has increased so much. 

AIMIM MP Asaduddin Owaisi said that the price of cylinder has doubled. The country is asking the PM about the price of milk and bread, why the prices have increased so much? Many states were not given MNREGA money. Destroyed the country. 

The issue of inflation is to be discussed in the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday. 

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