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For Rahul Gandhi’s Apology, We Will Continue To Campaign Countrywide: BJP 

BJP attacked Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. Senior BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad said that “Rahul Gandhi was abroad since March 6. How long will he mislead the country. Rahul Gandhi told in America and Europe that there should be intervention on the decline of democracy in India. It has become a habit of Rahul Gandhi that if he goes abroad, he will insult the sentiments of India. If anyone has insulted India’s democracy today, it is Rahul Gandhi”

Ravi Shankar Prasad said that Rahul Gandhi did not express regret in the press conference today. 

He said that, for Rahul Gandhi’s apology, BJP will continue to campaign in the country. 

“Rahul Gandhi, how did you become MP from Wayanad? democracy won. How did win in Himachal? democracy won. If you lose, yoy mourn abroad. The world is appreciating India’s popularity and Modi’s work” said Prasad.

Prasad said that baseless and useless talks are his nature. Not even once did he say that he spoke wrong. We are familiar with Rahul’s arrogance, but your arrogance is not bigger than that of the country. Rahul loves China very much. What is friendship with China? In England you said that there is goodwill in China’s foreign policy. Everyone is worried because of China’s aggressive policy, but Rahul describes China’s diplomacy as goodwill.

He said that the country is sad because of Rahul’s arrogance. “You can criticize BJP and Modi, but how can you question the public opinion of India. Today we felt that Rahul would clarify his position, but the same three leaves of cover” Ravishankar said.

Earlier, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi spoke in a press conference on the controversy over his statement given in London. 

Due to the controversy over his statement, there was a lot of uproar during his address in the House, after which the proceedings had to be adjourned. In this regard, Rahul Gandhi said that it is my right to speak in the Parliament. Hope to speak tomorrow. 

Rahul Gandhi said, “Our government does not allow discussion in the House on any view of the opposition. Many times when I stood up to speak in Parliament, my mike was switched off. This is not the India we are all used to.”

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