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Four Years Gone. Tripura Gov’t Yet To Recruit In Group ‘D’ Posts

Four years passed but the Tripura government is yet to complete the recruitment process for Group D posts.

Not only that, the state government is published the result of group C posts after four years due to the pressure of unemployment protest, but for an unknown reason, the state government has not given jobs to 1980 people selected for group C posts.

Only among them, the government is provided appointment letter for 236 posts of Agri Assistant.

But till now recruitment of Group D 2500 posts and Group C 430 vacant posts are pending. As a result, unemployment protest in the state have reached a peak.

According to the report, after the publication of the results of Group C posts, the oral interview schedule for Group D posts has been announced due to the pressure of unemployment protests.

Interview for Group D posts reportedly will be held from 1st December. But the unemployed have to wait more for the recruitment letter of 2500 Group D posts.

But why the recruitment process of Group D and Group C posts is not completed till now after conducting the written exam in 2020, various questions have been raised about this.

Because of this reason new recruitment process is not starting through JRBT. Unemployeds are paying the price.

But after almost four years, the place of unemployed who passed the age in the merit list for the publication of Group C post results their working life has also decreased by four years. Because four years ago, the age of the unemployed who passed was between forty-five and forty-eight years. Now their age has reached fifty to fifty two years. Then again they are not getting regular salary from the first day of employment in Group C post. They have to work as fixed pay employees for the next five years. Naturally these employees have to pay price of the government’s failure.

Same thing is going to happen with the employees of group D posts.

1980 unemployed passed the examples of Group C posts, according to JRBT. JRBT has requested the state government to give offers to all of them in LDC, Agri Assistant and other Group C posts. But why Junior Multitasking Clerk and Pump Operator posts are not mentioned, why only Agri Assistant offers has been distributed, questions have been raised about this.

Group C had vacant posts were 2410. The state government has again not announced any name for Group C 430 posts.

As a result, 430 posts of unemployed are not getting jobs. Allegedly, from the names of 1980 people, this list also includes the unemployed from outside the state. As a result of which the PRTC tangle has started again.

Although JRBT authorities claim that 1,980 unemployed people are getting jobs in Group C posts. And 439 talented unemployed not found. Which is ridiculous.

Even no candidates have been founfd in 37 posts in Divyang category and 34 posts in retired category!

Note that Group D posts were 2500. Among the Group C 2410 posts were LDC 1500, Junior Multitasking Clerk 201, Agri Assistant 236, Pump Operator 236 posts. This recruitment process was first advertised in 2020.

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