Free vaccine of covid-19

Australia has secured a deal with the drugmaker AstraZeneca to supply a potential Covid-19 vaccine to its entire population free of charge. Govt. Of Australia just announced the decision. Near about 25000 infected cases and 500 death toll where 6000 active cases are there. Aprox 51% active cases are critical. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced a Coronavirus vaccine deal with pharma major AstraZeneca and said all Australians will get the vaccinated for ftee of cost. Currently more then 3 cr citizens are there in Australia Australia. Center point of the topic is, CAN INDIA PROVIDE COVID 19 VACCINE FREE OF COST THE CITIZENS ??? Well it’s a million dollar question. May be some critics will consider it as illusory imagination. Nation like india, where 120cr population are there, free vaccination of covid 19 for all is nothing but bogus. But we have to think at least the figure provided by RBI. Out of the total population living in the rural parts of 35 states and UTs of India, 25.7 per cent of them is living below the poverty line, according to RBI. In the urban areas, the situation is a bit better with 13.7 per cent of the population living below the poverty line. These are the statistical figure. Practical figure much more worsen especially for the pandemic. Govt. Should think and consider this matter.

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