Full-Scale Attack” Going On India’s Democratic Institutions: Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday said that there is a “full-scale attack” on India’s democratic institutions.

Gandhi said this while addressing a media briefing at the Brussels Press Club. 

“Everyone knows that discrimination and violence are on the rise in India and that our country’s democratic institutions are under attack on a large scale.”

He also took a jibe at the government for not inviting opposition leaders to the G20 and said this shows that the present leadership does not give importance to the leaders of 60 per cent of India’s population.

He said, “Opposition leaders not being invited to the G20 shows that the present leadership does not give importance to the leaders of 60% of India’s population. People should think about what kind of thinking is behind that idea.”

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is in Belgium as part of his Europe tour these days, where he has supported the Modi government’s stand at the Center regarding the Russia-Ukraine war. 

Rahul Gandhi was talking to the media in Brussels, during which he was asked what is the opinion of the opposition in India regarding the conflict between Russia and Ukraine?

To this Rahul Gandhi said, overall I think the opposition will agree with India’s current position on the conflict (between Russia and Ukraine). We have relations with Russia. In such a situation, I do not think that the opposition will have any different stand from what the government is doing at present.

Rahul Gandhi said, the country has been called a ‘Union of States’ in the Constitution. We believe that there should be communication between all members of the union. At the same time, BJP’s view is that power should be concentrated at one place. 

The Congress leader said, this is a fight between the ideology of Mahatma Gandhi and the ideology of Nathuram Godse.

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