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Fund For Development Is Not Being Provided To TTAADC: Congress  

An organizational meeting of Adivasi Congress was held on Friday at Tripura Pradesh Congress Bhavan.

Pradesh Congress President Ashish Kumar Saha, MLA Sudip Roy Barman and other leaders of the party were present in the meeting.

On this day, Ashish Kumar Saha said that the purpose of this meeting is to empower the tribal people and to strengthen the movement of the tribal people in the coming days.

Besides, the meeting of this day is to outline the future movement for the development of the tribals of the state and the development of the infrastructure.

The current government is apathetic in all aspects including employment of tribals. And fund for development is not being provided to ADC. The government is not taking any action in this regard. Adivasi Congress will start agitation in hills and remote areas against this, Tripura Pradesh Congress president Ashish Kumar Saha.

He said that how to develop the tribals of the state and how to hand over power to them has been discussed in the meeting. A plan has also been taken on how to strengthen the Congress organization ADC in the area in the coming days. 

He also said that a special drive will be made by the Adivasi Congress for membership. This drive will continue for the next month. 

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