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G-20 Summit Concludes. PM Modi Hands Over Presidency To Brazil

Prime Minister Narendra Modi handed over the presidency of the G20 summit to Brazil. With this the Delhi G20 summit ended. 

Brazilian President Lula da Silva congratulated Prime Minister Modi on the occasion and thanked him for India’s efforts to give voice to issues of interest to emerging economies. 

Lula da Silva praised India for giving voice to issues related to the interests of emerging economies. 

In the concluding session of the G20 summit, PM Modi handed over the Gavel (a type of hammer) to Brazil for the presidency of this group and extended his best wishes.

Brazil will officially take over the presidency of the G20 group on December 1 this year. 

PM Modi on Sunday handed over the traditional gavel (a type of hammer) to Brazilian President Lula da Silva while transferring the presidency of the G20 group. 

President Lula da Silva listed social inclusion, the fight against hunger, the energy transition and sustainable development as G20 priorities. 

He said that the UN Security Council needs new developing countries as permanent and non-permanent members to maintain its political strength. 

The Brazilian President said, “We want more representation for developing countries in the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Addressing the concluding session of the G20 summit in New Delhi on Sunday, PM Modi proposed holding a virtual session in late November to take stock of the progress made on the suggestions. 

While announcing the conclusion of the Delhi G20 summit, Prime Minister Modi referred to a Sanskrit verse. During this, he prayed for peace and harmony in the entire world.

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